Mia Khalifa

Hailing all the way from Beirut, Lebanon, we are proud to introduce to you – Mia Khalifa. The fun-sized (5 ft 2 in) pornstar made a name for herself by creating a whole new subgenre – hijab porn. The Lebanese government was outraged and issued a few strongly-worded statements on the subject of Khalifa. Many religious zealots starting sending her death threats. With all that negativity, there was also overwhelming support from various Lebanese public figures, woman’s rights activists from all over the globe, and, of course, porn watchers. Instead of just giving up due to fear for her life, Khalifa decided to double down! She made even more videos and became even more outspoken – she is now somewhat of a liberator in the eyes of all the repressed and the mistreated.

One of Khalifa’s arguments was that Hollywood’s portrayal of Muslims is worse than anything the world of adult entertainment can come up with. She is certainly not wrong, but this is starting to change. Hopefully, we’ll see some real progress in the upcoming decade.
Anyways, Khalifa’s fight for what’s right is definitely inspiring, but her sex skills are also worth talking about. Almost right from the get-go, she managed to dethrone Lisa Ann as THE #1 adult movie actress in the world. Despite the eventual retirement, however, the brunette’s popularity persisted well into the new ‘20s. Nowadays, Mia Khalifa is a full-time social media sensation with lots of dedicated followers that are ready to support her no matter what.